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About Potchefstroom

Potchefstroom or Potch (as most people abbreviate it) is a University town of about 128,253 people, situated approximately 120km to the south-west of Johannesburg. Potch is popular for many reasons including being a university town.
The city has very few industries and boasts clean air and a low crime rate. It is an important industrial, service and agricultural growth point of North West Province. Industries in Potchefstroom include steel, food, and chemical processing. The chicken industry is of key importance.

River Capture site in Georges Valley

A River Capture site can be found nine kilometres down the Georges Valley Road, at the turn off to the Wolkberg Wilderness Area, a point on the Letaba River where a prehistoric act of “piracy“ occurred.
This very rare example of stream piracy occurs when streams increase the size of their valleys by the erosion of the soil and rocks surrounding their channels, either by widening their channels or by head ward erosion.

The Tsonga Kraal Museum

Tsonga Kraal Museum:
The Tsonga Kraal Museum is another attraction within the boundaries of the Hans Merensky Nature reserve that is interesting to visit.
This museum represents the building styles and cultural products of the North Tsonga. The North Tsonga is comprised of refugee groups from the southern parts of Mozambique.

The Magoebaskloof Mountain Pass - Gateway to the Lowveld

Connecting the towns of Haenertsburg and Tzaneen is the Magoebaskloof Mountain Pass, not only one of the great classic passes of the Limpopo Province, but also one of the finest scenic passes in South Africa.  The pass climbs 446 vertical metres to summit at 1400m. The pass is tarred, and offers plenty of thrills for motor bikers as well as drivers.

The Kaross project - Tsonga mythology captured in the art of embroidery

Kaross is a rural embroidery project in Limpopo's peaceful Letsitele Valley that helps create jobs and uplift the local community by combining the area's traditional arts and craft skills with modern marketing plans and design techniques to create a smorgasbord of home and fashion accessories.
Did you know?
The Kaross embroidery project also has an outlet in Parkhurst, Johannesburg

ZZ2 Afrikado crop is "Ripe and Ready"

ZZ2 Afrikado crop is ‘ripe and ready’
The new avocado season is upon us and the first fruit has been picked and is on its way to fresh produce markets!
ZZ2’s Afrikado brand is entering a new phase with the first fruit of new plantings being harvested for the first time. Last year, a major part of ZZ2’s avocado crop was destroyed by hail. “The new crop looks promising and we are excited about its prospects,” says Clive Garrett, Marketing Manager of ZZ2.

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