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Ann Potgieter
(Ann is a resident of Modjadjiskloof. Has been in a wheelchair all her life, but the fact that she cannot walk has never stopped her from living a full, adventurous life – and to give life as far as she goes, in whatever way she can through her own special gifts and a generous portion of love.  
The month in which spring is born, is a beautiful one which whispers about life, youth and joy. Youth not only meaning the young ones, but an evergreen personality, bursting with warmth and zeal – which shouts: I’m forever young!
Brides want to be wed in the spring – when blossoms bloom with the promise of new life. Yes, there are rainy days, but Lord knows we need that rain! On such wet and wonderful days, I love pancake dripping with sticky sweet sugar and cinnamon, to share with others. There’s so much I want to say to you…
My thoughts wander to the sun, which I would love to pop into an envelope and slip in under your front door, so that the cosy sunbeams can wash over you on opening it. How I’d love to tell you about every healing smile that awaits you…but also about the stark and sudden pain and the tears I would like to wish away before you cry. At the same time pointing love, joy and peace your way.
My thoughts meander on to a sparkling white shore which glitters to where the sea unfolds, wave upon wave, leaving white foamy thoughts before sliding back lazily. I hear the eternal song of the sea in the rising and falling tones. So, I add to your envelope a handful of sea sand and shells and the cool caress of a sea breeze to sedate your soul’s yearning. It is humbling to receive, but also to give…and humility is good, if you rid it of regret and blame, giving loved ones a chance to embrace you again.   
When I happen to travel further along the Highveld way, I want to stop to pick the pink, white and maroon heralds of autumn lacing the roads. How I want to straighten your path and lighten your load and be the voice behind you saying: go this way or that, stop here, slow down there.
But I, hurting human, can’t say what lies in the breath of tomorrow. My heart is full, but my pockets are empty. You might now have much yourself, but you do have the same amount of time in a day as everyone else. How much time are you going to invest to give, forgive and set free?
September with its floral flair was my spring cleaning – to also clear a head clogged with downloaded data of a thousand days.
So, what CAN I do for you then? I can make you feel special, because you, my borrowed brother and sister, are awesome – even more so those who don’t know or claim it. I therefore give you October splashed purple on the pavement and a few gutsy gusts of wind that didn’t get a go to blow in August. I give you the ultra-sultry evenings, the yearning earth, warmer than a month ago and the fresh relief of first rains. What more can one want? (translated from Afrikaans by Bobbi Gerber)

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