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iinfo Open Photo Competition 2017

Photographers of all ages, backgrounds and experience levels are invited to enter the IINFO open photography competition.
Judges will award:
One (1) Overall winner
Four (4) Best photo in each category
Three (3) commended photographers
The closing date for this competition is on 31 January 2018
• Everyday activities which can be enjoyed in the Tzaneen area
• Children of the Tzaneen area
• Our natural environment
• Our fruitful Valley

Malaria – more about this menace

Malaria is known to be quite a killer throughout Africa. South Africa also has its areas where malaria is a threat. For residents in rural areas, especially children or pregnant women, the threat is very real and often fatal.
Victims bitten (sucked?) by a malaria-carrying mosquito, who contract malaria and fall ill, can survive if medically treated. In many of these areas, precautions aren't taken as it is part of their everyday lives. Some believe they become naturally immune.
Malaria Risk Areas in South Africa

About Mokopane

A town by (yet another) name
The village Vredenburg was established by the Voortrekkers in the 1800’s and renamed Piet Potgietersrust after the Voortrekker leader Piet Potgieter. The name was changed to Mokopane in 2003 after the Ndebele leader, King Mgombane Kekana, who lived and ruled in the area at the time.

Shark Encounters Of The Close Kind

There is something truly exhilarating about being in close proximity of a wild and dangerous creature, while being in a secure place. It is like watching a lion in the Kruger National Park from your vehicle – seeing, hearing, even smelling it passing right beneath your window, sniffing at your tyres. It might roar and make the earth around you shake, but you are safe and sound inside – in awe and  wonder, yet out of danger.

About Franschhoek

Franschhoek ([fransˈɦuk]; Afrikaans for "French Corner", Dutch spelling before 1947 Fransche Hoek) is a small town in the Western Cape Province and one of the oldest towns of the Republic of South Africa. It is about 75 kilometres from Cape Town and has a population of slightly over 15,000 people. Since 2000 it has been incorporated into Stellenbosch Municipality.

Kefir – the ‘free’ probiotic boost!

Kefir – the ‘free’ probiotic boost!
By Heidi du Preez
Modern society has become reliant on pill-popping to stay healthy, whether it be conventional drugs or natural medicines. Why would you fork out an ‘arm and a leg’ for probiotics if you could instead enjoy a healthy inexpensive home-made drink providing the same benefits? Wholefoods provide us with all the necessary nutrients to maintain good health and by fermenting these foods, the health benefits are further increased.

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