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Get your information page now!

Prevent your town from becoming a statistic due to a lack of information and the marketing of your area.


The fastest and easiest way to get town-based information, market your business and

BE PART of growing the economy of your town

IINFO is an information and marketing platform, town-oriented and we mainly use the internet through the IINFO website ( and social media to pass on updated information.

People visit the website to get information from a specific town - Tourism and general information, business information, events and much more that goes on in the specific town, we have a total of 17 towns that is already listed on the iinfo website with an average of 20,000 unique visits to the web page per month.  

Easy and affordable options are:

  • Free listings for all businesses, institutions, agencies or organizations – forward your details to now!
  • Marketing page – Have your core information available on one page with links to your personal webpage at only R 220.00 pm

Why is  the best choice to be listed on for your internet exposure?

  • It is very affordable
  • The site - is advertised constantly in publications, on the internet, social media and at shows and events.
  • The Iinfo team is constantly active on the site , meaning that the site will not go dormant and is always updated- also results in to be ranked higher on Google.
  • The valuable information on the site, free listings, updated events calendar and general information on your area draw a lot of interest and traffic to the site, which also result in better ranking on Google, and a better opportunity for you to be reached on the IINFO site.