As former educator, I found the Agatha Crocodile Ranch a feast of information on this ancient reptile who hasn't changed at all over the past 160 million years!  It reminded me much of my personal experience in my work as educator in Natural Science in Northern Zululand where all manner of myths are attached to these highly misunderstood creatures. Crocodiles are in fact very gregarious, and love being groomed and touched. Whilst working as Eco Farmer at Bahati, near Hluhluwe, Northern Zululand, I had three young crocs in my care and found them to be much less troublesome than people!  With brains the size of a matchbox, I was most pleasantly surprized at their level of intelligence. They fixate on their care giver's profile, scent, voice and movement and can tell him or her apart from any other person.
I had to learn through hours of observation how to approach them sideways, as Tack, Nini and Oliver had to be groomed regularly. Crusty silt build up on their skins had to be brushed off at least twice a week, and a certain species of tick with a fondness for crocodile blood had to carefully be removed with tweezers. Sometimes in the social squabbles, they would end up with wounds that required treatment, which I had to render as no other persons would be tolerated near them. Good old Bactroban did the trick just fine! 
Large portions of my book, THE PLAYROOM were written whilst sitting in the winter sun with my three scaly friends, who, like dogs snuggled right up to me. This unique experience turned my perspective of crocodiles from repulsion to love. 
At the Agatha Crocodile Ranch, a much larger scaled operation, geared towards education and commerce, it is a somewhat different story! The establishment is set for groups of school children in for a most entertaining educational session!

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