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There’s a sizeable new addition to the avocado industry, and it’s called the Avozilla -  the biggest avocado you can buy.
This exciting cultivar originated in South Africa and has an average weight of 1,2 kg, in comparison with the 200-250gr of a normal avocado!
Despite some confusion on the matter, the Avozilla is NOT a genetically-modified avocado and has not been treated with any growth-enhancing chemicals.
A Westfalia farmer found the feral mother-tree growing in the lush natural forest around Modjadjiskloof, Limpopo, in South Africa. Avozilla is a natural monster fruit with superb eating quality.
To explain how this extraordinary avocado came into being, avocados have three races (sub-species), and Avozilla is a cross between two of these races. The West Indian race of avocados does grow especially large, but the fruit are typically watery and slightly sweet. The Guatemalan race has the typical buttery, nutty taste to which most consumers are accustomed. Avozilla is a cross between these two races, meaning the eating quality is superior to the typical 'butter pear' (a pure West Indian variety) and it is also more disease resistant.
Westfalia Fruit has recently trademarked 'Avozilla' for its range of giant avocados, so this publicity is not just a flash in the pan – the market will be seeing more of Avozilla and its relatives in the future.
Unfortunately, these trees are not available for commercial sale and volumes of fruit are also very limited at this stage. As the news articles have mentioned, there are very few Avozilla trees bearing giant avocados at this stage. Based on the considerable interest shown in these mammoth fruit, Westfalia will be planting additional trees to supply more fruit soon.
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