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With a staff of committed professionals, CHoiCe is able impact rural areas in a spectrum of ways. Projects, which take place within our programme teams, reach a full range of beneficiaries such as children, the elderly, health workers, farm workers, persons infected and affected by HIV, and rural community members. The beneficiaries are central to all activities carried out by our organisation, and CHoiCe Trust remains committed to ensuring that the communities maintain ownership of all health developments undertaken by CHoiCe Trust.
The activities carried out by CHoiCe Trust correspond with national plans and strategies, and align specifically with tenets of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa and the National Strategic Plan for HIV and AIDS, STIs and TB (2017 – 2022). CHoiCe also coordinates with, aligns and contributes to Provincial and District Implementation Plans with relevant government departments.
Through these programmes and activities, CHoiCe Trust is able to reach over 100 villages in the surrounding areas, with caregivers carrying out family visits to more than 100,000 homes each year. Of this group, specific attention is given to Orphaned and Vulnerable Children (OVC). Caregivers not only share knowledge and provide skills to the household members, but they also provide medical attention and care to thousands of patients. They therefore visit ‘healthy households’ to pass on knowledge and to decrease the stigma associated with their visits.
Our Programmes:
·Training, Development and Mentorship
·Orphaned and Vulnerable Children
·Palliative Care
·Dialogue Facilitation
·HIV and TB Testing

015 590 0272
015 590 0272
12A Park Street, Medi Park, Tzaneen, 0850
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