Gospel/Reggae with Singer/Pastor Lawrence at TOTF 2017 | iinfo TZANEEN

Lawrence Ndlovu started singing at an early age. He had his first break in 1989 when he won a gospel music competition on Radio Tsonga (as MLFM was called in earlier days). He was inspired by Dr Thomas Chauke, Lucky Dube and Steve Kekana. He has recorded four albums: Heavan knows, Huwelela, I'll rise again and most recently Xilavi xa mina.
Huwelela and I'll rise again were nominated on MLFM music awards. Lawrence is a motivational speaker, musician and pastor of a ministry called Kingdom Talk. He sings his own compositions on a reggae beat and Xilavi xa mina. He worked on the cd with Jansen van der Walt of JJR studios in Tzaneen. His wife, Eva, is a backing vocal and his son, Lloyd, plays the piano/keyboard. The message on Xilavi is to encourage listeners not to give up on anything, even though it seems like they are failing. "No-one is perfect, so never allow people to determine your future," he says. "Love is the only solution for the problems in society."
His cd's will be on sale while he performs in the swimming pool area of Fairview Hotel on Friday, 3 November at 10:00. Come and experience his special brand and means of motivation.

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