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How to market one’s business could be one of the most confusing, time consuming and expensive exercises in our hectic lives.

One thing is for sure, TIME is MONEY, and nobody can waste time or money by making the wrong decisions when it comes to getting your business or product out there!

People are tired of just another marketing tool, expensive, non-effective which becomes boring and dormant in a short time, with not much of the promised or expected results.

The fact is – You have to be visible, you have to constantly be available by a click of the button, you must be able to communicate effectively – that is why you have to be part of the iInfo drive

Who are we and what do we do?

The iInfo Team is a well-informed, well trained, creative, and dedicated group of people who are passionate about the marketing of your town!

iInfo is a town based web page and our vision is to see that all towns, big and small in South Africa will have an informative internet based platform where anybody with internet access will be able to get the most comprehensive information on that town and surrounding areas.

What do we offer at iInfo?

  • Free categorised listings of all business, establishments, institutions, organizations exc.
  • A comprehensive, updated events calendar of all happenings over a 12-month period
  • Factual information on the town and surrounding areas, covering a vast array of subjects which is unique and relevant to the area, which will be useful for prospective tourists to the area, scholars and students, potential investors, people who are interested to relocate to the area or for any other reason to seek true and quality information on the town or area.
  • Development and hosting of information pages
  • Website and e-commerce site development and hosting
  • Development of promotional - videos
  • Social media marketing and awareness campaigns - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
  • Branding and design
  • Advertising opportunity in the iInfo information brochure

How did it all start?

Except for a few fortunate towns in South Africa today, the availability and up keeping of accurate information, statistics and the marketing of such towns and areas are hardly ever up to date and anywhere to be found.

The days when the Government or Municipality were responsible to market an area or town is something of the past, and we in the private sector are now forced to take that roll over in order to make our town, area and business to survive.


• iInfo was established in 2005, previously named Tzaneen Info, an office was manned by a permanent employee who were working on the site, giving information to the public, providing the local newspaper with a weekly feature, running a photo competition, producing an information directory, attending Tourism Trade shows and attending all tourism and business related meetings .

• The office was extended in 2015 -the website was redone, and the need was identified that this concept could be valuable for more towns and areas in SA, due to the current situation regarding marketing and the lack of distribution of accurate and valuable information.

• Today iInfo is proud to state that there are already 17 towns listed, and that we are working at a profligate pace to add more.

In a nutshell - www.iinfo.co.za offer you and your community a -

ONE STOP DESTINATION INFORMATION AND MARKETING PORTAL– no need to waste time anymore on Google or paging through telephone or business directories – all available by the selection of your town, on the iInfo web site – www.iinfo.co.za by the click of a button.



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