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The Lesodi trail winds its way very gently through the indigenous forest of Magoebaskloof and is a medium to difficult trail but is well marked and maintained.  It starts across the road from Sandford Heights Nursery and next to Magoebaskloof Hotel.

Maps are available from both these venues and some of the points of interest on the trail are:

The cathedral Tree - this is a strangler vine which straddled several trees and now reminds one of a cathedral vault. Saw pit - 19th century woodcutters dug a pit beneath large felled trees so they could saw them into planks with one person below and one person on top.

The nose - a ridge jutting out between two river valleys.  Braai facilities have been installed in the area.  If you want to use them, please bring your own wood -leave the forest intact!

The Pipe- a strangler vine where its tree victim has died and rotted away leaving only the tube formed by the vine. The knoll- this is an unexpected hill in the middle of the Magoebaskloof.  Enjoy the magnificent view both back towards the hotel and down the valley to the Tzaneen Dam.

Birds and animals on the trail include the Knysna Loerie with it’s distinctive croaking call.  It is a shy bird that glides from one tree to another, then climbs up for the next flight.  You have a good chance of spotting one of you are still and quiet.  There is a troupe of Samango monkeys in the forest. At certain times of the year, when food is available, the rare Cape Parrot will be seen and heard in this area.  Their call is a distinctive shriek and they fly in flocks of 20 or more.  

But come and look for yourself and experience the freshness of mountain air in our forests. Maps available at Sandford Heights Nursery and Magoebaskloof Hotel.

082 411 8088
082 411 8088
Magoebaskloof, Tzaneen, Limpopo
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