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Losanne van der Zee is an occupational therapist in Tzaneen. Although her married surname is Defloo, she has kept her maiden name as this is how she became known professionally before being married.
Occupational Therapy is therapy that endeavours to use a client’s strong points to overcome the weak ones with the help of various and proven activities. Some problems that are addressed are learning problems, post-traumatic stress, after-stroke symptoms etc.
Other opportunities of healing are for a handicap or delay in development, neurological challenges, studying and reading challenges, dyslexia, autism, trauma releasing exercises, amanuensis (help with writing exams).
Losanne’s qualifications and experience in her field, include:
* B Arb. (B degree in occupational therapy)
* M. ECI (Master’s degree in Early Child Intervention)
* NDT (Neuro Development Techniques)
* SI (Sensory Integration)
* Tomatis (Listening programme)
* DIR floor time (play therapy specifically focused on children with learning problems and autism)
She has an office in Tzaneen (Sanloo Park number 46) where she sees and treats clients, but she also travels to Phalaborwa and Letsitele to render her services in those areas. In Phalaborwa she is at the Kingfisher Private School on Mondays. Wednesdays are devoted to Letsitele where she has an office to work from at Van Rooyen Transport’s offices.
For any further enquiries or to schedule an appointment with her, call her at 082 566 1414 or email losanneot@gmail.com

082 566 1414
082 566 1414
3 King Edward Drive, Arbor Park, Tzaneen, 0850
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