The Modjadji Cycad forest struck me as a place of mystisism and intrique for its dense population of this ancient Cycad species that once served as diet to dinosaurians of many kinds. The dense growth pattern of this rare species also provided nesting sites to these ancient animals for the rugged constitution of the plants provided protection from hunters and egg thieves on ground and from the air. The upright structure of the species can be seen when the plants are in their natural environment grouping in close pockets, however, when they collapse as a result of lack of species support, they continue to grow, creating natural sculpture over years. Their natural survival depend on species specific requirements, such as growth space, rainfall and wind. It is a breath taking experience to witness this ancient forest set in its most natural environment,
A well maintained picnic site welcomes visitors, and is suitable for domestic and international tourist groups. Guests can take the hiking trail all the way down the mountain, into the heart of this extraordinary milieu, however, be warned, your return hike will be very steep and it is advisable to carry extra water on this excursion. 
A much sought after garden plant, Cycads are now grown commercially, thus saving this protected species from extinction. It is an ideal, low maintenance feature plant which adds unique texture to any setting with its revolving, spiky leaf pattern. Much patience is required as this is one of the most slow growing species. A visit to this ancient forest is a unique opportunity to see the species as fully matured plants which have survived over millions of years. One can but stand in awe at this natural wonder, a teacher of persistence.

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