There appears to be an urgent need to return to products derived directly from nature in its most organic form. The indigenous Molinga tree, referred to as the tree of life, provides virgin oils for various applications and skin disorders, including cell rejuvination! This fine oil, when applied to the skin, has slow dermal penetration qualities, leaving the skin moisturised without that sticky feeling! This treatment is known to aid in the removal of dead skin, whilst replenishing vibrancy to the next dermal layer. In this manner, it assists with the problem of blotchy skin problems, ecsema and other dermatological problems. It is also known for it's anti inflammatory qualities, weightloss as well as cholesterol moderation. 
In addition to the oils, leaves are dessicated and ground to a powder, benefitting the user in digestive irregularities. Whole leaves are used wet or dried as a refreshing tea, providing the body with much needed supplements. The beauty of this product, is that it is proudly South African, and right here from our very own region!

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