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A running club with a difference.
The inaugural first running club in Polokwane (then Pietersburg) was formed in approximately 1971 and known as the Pietersburg Marathon Club. The Club staged the first marathon in Polokwane in 1972 and the race was run from Chuenespoort to the local cricket grounds.
During 1977 a second running club was formed to cater predominantly for juniors and long-distance track athletes. This Club was known as the Voete Athletic Club and chaired by Willem Smit
During 1984 the Pietersburg Marathon and Voete Athletic Clubs merged and on 29 November 1984 the Pietersburg Amateur Athletic Club was established with Willem Smit being the Chairperson.
Since 1984 the Club underwent two name changes. In March 1986 the name was changed to Pietersburg Athletic Club and in 2001 the name was changed to the current name POLOKWANE ATHLETIC CLUB (PAC)
Honorary presidentship has been awarded to the late Mr. Jack Botes on 22 November 1991.
With 300 registered club members, Polokwane Athletic Club is one of the biggest running clubs in SA.
Visit - www.polokwaneathleticclub.co.za
For more information contact Chairman Pieter Pretorius – 084 400 6667 or email pretpieter@gmail.com

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