River Capture site in Georges Valley | iinfo TZANEEN

A River Capture site can be found nine kilometres down the Georges Valley Road, at the turn off to the Wolkberg Wilderness Area, a point on the Letaba River where a prehistoric act of “piracy“ occurred.
This very rare example of stream piracy occurs when streams increase the size of their valleys by the erosion of the soil and rocks surrounding their channels, either by widening their channels or by head ward erosion.
In the process of head ward erosion, the stream valley at the uppermost part of the stream channel is worn away, and the stream channel is lengthened in the upstream direction.
A stream that has lost part of its drainage is termed beheaded. Stream piracy is also called stream capture or river capture
It was here, many long years ago that the Great Letaba River eroded back into the hills and captured the headwaters of the Mohlapitse River. Today the Letaba River flows fast and clear at this spot, whereas the Mohlapitse, deprived of the previously strong flows from the Broederstroom and the Helpmekaar Rivers is now a soggy and confused wetland uncertain of how it will gather strength and flow down into the distant Olifants River.

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