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Another amazing individual from the Tzaneen Community
Sue moved to Mooketsi in 1998 when she married Doug Reed – becoming an instant, hands-on, 24/7 mum of five, involving herself in pre-school careers from big walks, matric dances to seconding at adventure races.
Sue's first involvement in the community was in 2000 when she was invited to teach Bible education at Unicorn Primary. She focused on the Grade 7 girls and as the years went by, she noticed that social media and peer pressure played a huge role in the girls' sense of self-worth and with high school approaching preparation was needed. In 2011 her curriculum "Precious" was introduced, involving a year of discussion, sharing and preparing for high school.
In 2009 Sue attended the Crossroads facilitator's course. Crossroads is a program involved in transforming communities, hope, life and truth. Sue is involved as a conference speaker on wellness and health where she speaks on the importance on living well, mentally and physically.
In 2010 Sue started her own business, WellThymed, a stockist of health products such as Solgar supplements, Beauté Pacifique, a revolutionary clinical skin care brand, that, she says, 'kept her skin healthy' through her chemo treatment and periodic talks on health issues.
Sue served on the governing body of Merensky High School from 2012 to 2014 and found her term to be a rich and valuable experience. In 2014 Sue joined the Tzaneen Care Group becoming actively involved in events and fund raising.
Her greatest challenge was in December 2015, when she was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer. In her own words: "The first thing that I became incredibly aware of was that I was in a place I knew nothing about and all the googling and trying to find out was hugely confusing and overwhelming. My husband, my family, my friends and a wonderful community made it possible for me to work through the greatest challenge of my life, to save my life.
"I was given a name of a nutritionist in Johannesburg with a high success rate of treating patients with cancer and going through chemo. I was very disciplined, following a simple diet that made a great deal of sense, kept my thoughts happy and was based on love. It is easy to become fearful, especially when seeing your oncologist for a check up. I manage my fear by living in the moment, talking to God, being aware of my family and friends who love me, eating well, working in my veggie garden, getting enough sun and being grateful for all that I have. Being diagnosed with cancer is a 5 year journey of regular check- ups. Only after 5 years of being clear, one is considered cancer-free.
"I was so excited by the results of my journey, that I created a facebook page called Headscarves&Herbs - managing cancer and chemo. It is my story and I hope that it will be encouraging to others. My diet and lifestyle are pro-life and play an important role in my recovery, but I am very aware that it is not a guarantee. Each day is a gift and for that I am grateful. I try to make the most of every moment, to love sincerely, to be grateful, to make informed decisions and to take responsibility for my choices and actions. I don't always get it right and sometimes I am 100% unproductive and totally grumpy!"
She goes on to say that if there was one new thing about health that she learnt, it was that our gut is hugely important. What sparked her interest is a quote she read: The father of modern medicine Hippocrates, said "all disease begins in the gut."
Sue did a course on gut and gut health in April this year. She has learned that gut health plays a major role in healing most diseases and keeping us healthy and strong. There is life-changing information based on research and facts that most of us are unaware of and much of our and our children's suffering can be relieved with simple dietary changes.
Her school-mum career comes to an end this year and a new chapter will begin.
Sue's plan for the future involves using her skills, knowledge and experience to make a positive difference to community and all who are interested. You can visit Sue on instagram – Sueslifestyle or her Facebook page, Headscarves&herbs - managing cancer and chemo.

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