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Driven by my passion for trees and their vital importance I nature, I simply had to visit this giant on my return to Tzaneen six months ago.  One of my fondest childhood memories which has been playing  a pivotal role in writing my present book and screenplay, 'Heart of the Earth'.  It's sheer size demands attention and awe.  I can just imagine if it could talk, what wonderful tales it would tell, this dear 'old friend' of mine.
It's gnarled bark and buttressed roots speak volumes.  A friendly tree it is indeed, welcoming, like a sage filled with unwritten wisdoms.  I walked round and round it, my mouth gaping.  What a privilege to be in the presence of something so majestic, strong and loyal to its purpose.  My 'short' visit, turned into a day's adventure, re-visiting the kind of memories one never want to forget.
I could see myself as little girl playing the 'Counting Game', as we all did, way back then, walking round and round my 'Old Friend', counting my steps, loosing track and starting all over again.  Protruding roots were not allowed to be trodden on.  My playmates had to offer sincere apologies to my 'Old Friend' if they erred in this, much to their surprize and confusion of course.
On entering the hollow giant, I found that the owls had vacated their former dwelling, to make room for other entertainments.  Predictably, mankind had moved in.  At first, this shocked me somewhat, but then, hearing the 'caretaker's' point of view, I was mollified that my dear 'Old Friend' was in good hands.  He is fulfilling his purpose, indeed telling ancient tales at the camp fire to curious visitors, and I'll bet, that when driving away, said visitors would look back in their rear view mirrors, entertaining deep thoughts and fond memories........... 

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