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Tsonga Kraal Museum:
The Tsonga Kraal Museum is another attraction within the boundaries of the Hans Merensky Nature reserve that is interesting to visit.
This museum represents the building styles and cultural products of the North Tsonga. The North Tsonga is comprised of refugee groups from the southern parts of Mozambique.
The Tsonga Kraal Museum, as it is today, is an attempt to show as many traditional building styles of the North Tsonga, as possible. The layout of the kraal represents the homestead of a Chief with eight wives. The arrangement of the huts follows a set pattern but many variations on this pattern are found in the area.
The Kraal was built exclusively of traditional materials. The framework of most of the huts is made of mopane poles bound together with bark from the mopane tree. The walls and the floors are made of clay taken from anthills. The paint to decorate the walls is mixed from different colored soils.
Several of the huts, which are open to the public, have been equipped with objects used traditionally in every-day life.
Local craftsmen make traditional pottery, woodwork, basketry and salt. Thus an attempt is made to give the visitor a glimpse of the culture and lifestyle of the Tsonga people.
Guided tours are presented and can also be arranged by appointment.

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