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The author AP Cartwright in his book: By the Waters of the Letaba wrote

“The combination of mountain scenery, flowering poinsettias and coral trees, warm sunny days and this immense stretch of water surrounded by yacht basins, marinas and smart hotels, should prove irresistible to everyone who wants to escape the cold winter weather on the Highveld."

Tzaneen is the second largest town in the Limpopo Province and is surrounded by low hills that slope up to the towering peaks of the Northern Drakensberg. Tzaneen has beautiful trees and gardens and the high rainfall and warmth of the Lowveld ensures that everything grows in rich profusion.

The inhabitants of Tzaneen are mostly farmers and business people and the area is well known for a strong economic growth pattern. Tzaneen is the commercial centre for the district, with 80 000 people residing in its area of jurisdiction and 650 000 people residing within a 30 km radius.

Tzaneen is the ideal center from which to explore the region. On route to the world renown Kruger National Park, and easily accessible to visitors are a number of archaeological sites, one of the largest Baobab trees in the world, wild life and various nature reserves as well as a full range of quality tourism facilities and services, catering for all the needs and interests of the visitor. Its unique natural scenery provides the most beautiful background for all recreational and other tourism products and services in the country.


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