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Welmart Electrical Sales and Services is a well-respected organization in the electrical sales and contracting business. As a family business established 1989 in the Tzaneen region we have been part of the industry for the past 27 years sharing our expertise with the community. We constantly strive to bring the best experience at the best price to our customers in the sales and contracting services.
We are leaders in these services :
·         Emergency Services and Power Failures.
·         Domestic and Industrial Wiring.
·         L.T Overhead Lines and Pump Stations.
·         Repairs of Earth Faults.
·         Certificate of Compliance Tests and Reports.
·         Lighting and Energy Saving Solutions.
·         Pump Motor Control and VSD Drives for Irrigation Automation.
·         Specialised Wired Panels.
·         Solar Solutions.
·         Power Factor Correction.
·         Prepaid Electricity Meters.
Our retail shop can offer state of the art electrical products such as :
·         Stylish Light fittings (Chandeliers, Pendants, Downlights and more).
·         State of the art globes (LED, Energy Saver, Halogen and Incandescent).
·         Solar PV Panels & Accessories.
·         Power inverters and Accessories.
·         Batteries (AGM and Deep Cycle).
·         Switchgear (DB’s, Circuit breakers, Earth Leakages, SPD’s and more).
·         Cables (Armored, Airdac, Surfix, Cabtyre and many more).
·         Trunking.

015 307 3428
015 307 3428
3 Loop Street, Tzaneen, 0850
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