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The Westfalia Fruit Group operates or is affiliated with many nurseries around the world. These nurseries are fully accredited and recognised for the provision of good-quality avocado and other trees.
In South Africa, Westfalia’s two nurseries are situated in Modjadjiskloof near Tzaneen in the Limpopo Province of South Africa, 400km north-east of Johannesburg. They supply top-quality clonal ​rootstock avocado trees for use in the Group’s own orchards as well as for sale to customers in the agricultural sector, both nationally and internationally. Westfalia’s nurseries have the unique advantage of utilising the cutting-edge scion and rootstock development programme of Westfalia Technological Services.

015 690 0987
015 690 0987
R36, Modjadjiskloof, 0835
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