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Peregrine Farm Stall

The Peregrine Farm Stall, about 30 minutes’ drive west of Hermanus on the N2 highway, has all the convenience of your average Engen 1-Stop. Yet Peregrine is absolutely not an average South African rest area. You won’t find a Steers, a Wimpy or an express Woolworth’s at Peregrine, but you will find fresh, locally sourced food, excellent service, and an exceedingly pleasant environment to stop off for breakfast or lunch on your way to a weekend holiday.

Welcome to Phalaborwa – Town of Two Summers

South Africans think it’s at the end of the road and international tourists wonder how to pronounce it! Phalaborwa (pronounced as Palaborwa) is indeed situated at the end of a road; the R71 in the Limpopo Province. The road leads straight into Kruger National Park.

Phalaborwa is the only town in South Africa that is situated directly on the border of the iconic wildlife reserve. Where else in the world can you come across a hippo wondering the streets at night, have warthogs graze on the side of the road and hear lions roar while you enjoy dinner in a local restaurant?

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