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8 Interesting Soweto Tourist Attractions that Aren’t on Vilakazi Street

8 Interesting Soweto Tourist Attractions that Aren’t on Vilakazi Street
Soweto is one of Joburg’s most popular tourist attractions. But the vast majority of Soweto’s tourists don’t stray far from Vilakazi Street, the tour-bus-choked former home of Nelson Mandela.
Soweto is a massive city within a city, home to millions of people, and there are interesting things to see and do all over the area. Here are eight great places to visit in Soweto that aren’t on Vilakazi Street.
1) Walter Sisulu Square

Beautiful Biking for the brave and energetic

Tzaneen is a drive-through for many tourists and visitors en route to the Kruger Park and other holiday places (private game farms, Die Eiland etc), but they lose the excellent opportunity of making it a destination worthy to explore a bit. One of the best ways is by bike. It allows you to truly drink in the forest fragrances, the beautiful views, the needed exercise and the breath-taking views – all sitting down, while your legs take you places!

The Ostrich Boom - by Adri Odendaal

The main reason for Oudtshoorn’s quick fortune can be summed up in the unlikely form of the ostrich.
The huge flightless bird, indigenous to Africa, and ideally suited to the Karoo’s dry environment, produced magnificent feathers that had become extremely popular as high fashion accessories in Britian and Europe, especially when feather trimming for hats and boas. 

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