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Link pharmacy is synonymous with making people feel better for nearly three decades, mothers – and sometimes fathers – have looked to the blue, red and white logo as guidance for colds, headaches, bruises and sound advice from the well – informed pharmacists.
Link has grown from a handful of pharmacies, to a nationwide establishment, due to its dedication to giving sound advice and the best medicine. The group boosts close to 200 locations in Southern Africa, accessible to most of the 58 million South Africans
Link Pharmacies are recognised for their principles of professionalism, honesty and service delivery of affordable healthcare to the community.
Our Values
* We are truly passionate about our patients and their wellbeing.
* We believe in integrity, honesty and respect.
* We will play a pivotal role in all matters relating to pharmacy services in our communities.
* We will strive for excellence in pharmacy practice, using innovation and integrity