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Compost Manufacturers
Compost MaTTers has had the opportunity and privilege to be part of a vast testing network of compost manufactures in South Africa and Africa. We have been involved in manufacturing high quality compost using various types of waste materials including:
•    Mielie rests
•    Wheat and sorghum crop waste
•    Feedlot beef cattle manure
•    Chicken manure broiler and laying hens
•    Fruit waste – e.g. mango, avocado pips and pulp 
•    Green materials – cutting and clippings
•    Stable waste – manure and bedding
•    Alien trees like black wattle
- Sugar cane waste , press mud and spent wash
- biowaste sludge
- most on-farm crop waste
A private company, Compost MaTTers (pty) Ltd in conjunction with our business partners are leading South African providers of turn-key compost manufacturing systems. Good compost manufacturers an environment where soil is restored to how it was originally intended by our creator.
If you are a compost manufacturer looking for information or equipment contact us.
We continually strive for excellence in providing the following services to compost manufacturers:
Compost turning equipment ranged from small tractor drawn units to massive self-propelled compost makers that can handle 45 000 m³ of compost on a daily basis.
We supply a comprehensive compost production unit for compost building with the expertise to ensure that international standard compost is consistently manufactured.
We are involved with various participation programs with Joint Venture Partners as compost manufacturers. This has helped us create a proven system used by large and successful farmers who have found considerable cost reductions, operational savings and a premium for a product that is truly organic in all respects.
Over the years we have been approached by various sectors to get involved into various projects with the intension of solving a common denominator problem namely waste reduction, waste management, and waste transformation of various numbers of waste streams.
Compost application equipment such as specialised custom designed chippers, compost spreaders and compost tea machines .A comprehensive compost production unit with the expertise
To ensure that international standard compost is manufactured Consistently
Soil has too much clay the organic matter increases the porosity of the soil, so that it drains better, allowing more oxygen, and preventing water logging.
The water is absorbed into the soil, and does not run off, preventing soil erosion. If the soil is too sandy soils organic matter retains water in the soil, and stops the soil drying out, keeping the roots moist, and cutting down on watering. So organic matter makes all soils better! Fresh organic matter decomposes too quickly for plant roots, and burns them. If it is not mixed into the soil it can prevent good drainage of water, harming the plants. It can take too much nitrogen from the soil to break it down, causing temporary shortage in the plants. It is difficult to plough and cultivate. If it decomposes without oxygen it can give out harmful soil pathogens, as they are anaerobic.
Solutions to your Composting needs.
Green manure is produced from plants. It is the cheapest way of adding organic matter to the soil. All that is required is to grow the green manure crop, and usually as it begins to flower, you plough it into the soil. Legumes such as peas and soya beans make good green manure but they must be planted thickly so that they stop weeds growing up. They can be left after ploughing in for two weeks and then the crop can be planted in the soil. Green manure is the quickest way of getting organic matter into the soil.
Contact us if you are interested in becoming a compost manufacturer joint venture partner.