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Herofield is an Article 21 non profit organization.  We provide a healthy social environment for youth between ages 14 and 21.  The house is equipped with interactive games, multimedia and adult supervision.  

Counselling will also be provided when needed. Herofield only allow teens between the age of 14 and 21 to enter.

Every Friday evening we host a “Youth Bash!” that is loaded with fun, laughter and God moments.  Every Sunday evening we host an interdenominational Herofield church service in the Mini-Tzani park across the road from us.  

The Herofield church service does not have an age restriction and is open for the public.

Vision:  To provide a save and positive social environment for the youth of Tzaneen during the week, weekends and holidays.

Mission:  To give young people the opportunity to interact socially through communication, interactive games and counselling in and around the youth house.

The Tzaneen community will be greatly affected when teenagers have a place to kill their boredom and interact with friends of the same age group in a healthy manner.   Herofield help to keep the under aged young people out of the local clubs and streets hence less alcohol, sex and drug abuse.  

Herofield promote positive values and we hope to see these values guiding the behaviour and decision making of the local young people.