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The Little Oaks Children’s home is a non profit organization (NPO 028-614) since May 2004. Our children’s home cares for the orphaned and destitute child to live in a loving, caring, safe environment and provides a hope and future for each child. With devoted house parents, dedicated carers and under the supervision of the Department of Welfare this children’s home supports each child emotionally, physically and spiritually with a strong emphasis on Christian values as a solid foundation.

Currently there are 16 children being cared for but the children’s home can care for 25 children. The age admittance is from birth to 7 years where the children live until adulthood unless they are placed back with their families by the social workers involved in the organization. The children’s home is situated at Alon International, a faith based community ministry, in the mountains overlooking the town of Tzaneen. All the individuals working in the children’s home have committed themselves   to look after these children and to provide for all their needs.

We also have a very diverse voluntary programme where people from all over the world come to experience life in Africa and enjoy the children. In partnership with Care4life Centre and Palm Springs Hospice, Healing and Wellness centre these volunteers play a big role in enriching the lives of orphans, chronically and terminally ill patients.
Any contributions, sponsors or voluntary workers help us deliver the best and life changing services to these children! If you are interested and would like to know more, please visit us.