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Colorweis is a wholesale production nursery, situated in the beautiful valley outside Tzaneen, in Limpopo province. The exact origin of the name of Tzaneen is unclear, but some say it derives from two Sesotho words, tsaneng, which means ‘’gathering place’’ and tsana, which means ‘’basket of hills.’’
There is much to be said about Tzaneen, not only is it a beautiful part of South Africa, it is part of the Lowveld, a sub-tropical area. We experience relatively warm winters, and hot and humid summers, a perfect place to produce all sorts of sub-tropical fruit, including mangoes, avocado, banana’s, litchi’s and... you guessed it, garden plants and fruit trees.
The sub-tropical climate enables us to grow most of our plants under shade houses, essentially in the open, which results is good quality, hardy plants which means that the plants we produce perform well in the garden, after planting.
Colorweis started producing flowering garden plants in 1995, 25 years ago! The business is owned by Bernard van den Dool, a horticulturalist and Jennifer van den Dool, a chartered accountant. Their skills set has allowed them to develop the business from a relatively small operation employing 8 people, to where we are today, with a staff complement of approximately 90 people, including most of those who have worked for us since we planted our first seedling.
We have expanded our business, we continue to produce ornamental garden plants, the perfect colour for any garden, as well as aloes and have added commercial fruit tree production, producing avocado, macadamia and mango trees for commercial farmers.