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The Letaba Fire Protection Association was established in terms of the National Veld And Forest Fire Act of 1998. The organisation deals with aspects of veldfire prevention and fire fighting.

IN TERMS OF THE NATIONAL VELD AND FOREST FIRE ACT OF 1998, SECTION 2(6) : “all landowners in an area for which a fire protection association has been registered have a right to join the fire protection association, provided they undertake to abide by its constitution and rules.”

Advantages of being a member of the Letaba Fire Protection Association includes :
- Protection under the National Veld & Forest Fire Act of 1998
- Usage of the aerial resources
- Usage of the Working on Fire Teams
- Daily Weather updates
- Training
- Fully operational dispatch centre operating throughout the year
- Two dispatchers working 7 days a week from June to October, otherwise five days a week

According to the Act, Section 34(1): “If a person who bring civil proceedings proves that he or she suffered loss from a veldfire which:

(a)The defendant caused, or

(b)Started on or spread from land owned by the defendant, the defendant is presumed to have been negligent in relation to the veldfire until the contrary is proved, unless the defendant is a member of a fire protection association in the area where the fire occurred.

The LFPA has two types of memberships :

-       Full Membership
        This fee includes the aerial assistance (Spotter Aircraft and Bell Huey Helicopter) as well as the Working On Fire ground team. A Heli-tack team was trained recently and they are taken to the fire with the Helicopter.

-       Membership only
This includes the Working On Fire ground team.

Our website is updated daily with the latest weather and we broadcast the weather on ten different community two-way radio channels at 10:00 and 14:00.

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