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The Wolkberg Orchid Society was established in 1982, with only eleven members. The membership has never been more than 25. This was the first Orchid Society ever to be established north of Pretoria. Since then, three other Societies have been established, solely from the influence and enthusiasm of the Wolkberg Society.

Regular monthly meetings are held at different venues, very often at the home of one of the members. Field outings to promote interrest in our indigenous orchids, and thereby helping to preserve them, are regularly held. Speakers from all over the country,and even from abroad, deliver regular lectures at our monthly meetings.

Through the years our Society has regularly taken part at the South African National Show,which is held at a different venue every four years. As one of the smallest societies in the country, we have done extremely well and won best exhibit on the show quite a few times,and being placed second regularly.

Out of the Society some members regularly attend the World Orchid Festival,held every three years in a different country.They do not only attend,but take part in building prize winning exhibits against the best in the world. Apart from that,we have three internationally qualified judges in our Society,who are legible to judge at shows, both locally and abroad.

When hearing about orchids, people think that they are expensive and impossible to grow. That is not the case any more. Through the years, modern techniques have made it possible to grow hardier hybrids, in both cool and warmer conditions. They are definitely more available and cheaper, and can light up your life with endless hours of pleasure, building lasting friendships at the same time. Contact us for advice!