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The Mango Magic Dehydration factory is nestled at the foot of the Wolkberg mountain range in Letsitele Valley, Tzaneen, Limpopo, close to the highest peak on the Drakensberg Plato, Serala Head.  
The business was established in 1997 by farmers in the area as an offset for the farmers fruit.  

Mango Magic Dehydration’s main function is the dehydration of mangoes. This takes place annually during the mango season from January to March/April.

The dehydration is done in tunnels with hot air which is generated with electrical elements.
The dried mango is then graded into different grades.

The factory also dries bananas and extracts a pulp from fresh guavas which is frozen and then used to manufacture the guava products.

The Eco Choice product range includes guava, banana and mango products.
All these products are available in rolls, wheels, Danties, Mini Cubes, Mini Sticks and Discs.

We have blended nature identical colourants and flavourants in to our delicious mango based products such as:

* Mango Blueberry,
* Mango Passion Fruit,
* Mango Kiwi,
* Mango Orange,
* Mango Peach,
* Mango Raspberry,
* Mango Strawberry and Mango Wild Cherry