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Khulani Timber Industries was established in 1991as a family business under the original name of Duiwelskloof Treated Timbers. The SABS mark has been in place ever since, hence our identification tagging being “DTT”.  

Khulani Timber Industries employs 180 people, operations carried out by the company include forestry operations.  Khulani Timber Industries is self reliant and has build up a fleet of equipment to carry out all their manufacturing requirements. Situated in Duiwelskloof, 20km north of Tzaneen, and 80km east of Polokwane, the company manufactures treated poles to SANS specifications.  Chemical processes carried out are creosote treatment and CCA (Copper, Chrome Arsenic) or otherwise known as Tannalith. Two creosote plants are in operation around the clock, giving a treating capacity of 4,000m3 per month.

All timber longer than 7.0meters is kiln dried. However, shorter poles that form part of SANS 754 that have a larger top diameter of 140mm is also kiln dried. This will have bearing on cross-arms. Majority of our timber supply comes from Merensky Holdings.  The company complies with F.S.C forestry management system, and accredited by S.G.S.

Khulani Timber Industries is a national contract holder to Eskom for transmission poles, and supply poles to Telkom, electrical contractors and cross border to Botswana, Namibia and Mozambique. All poles bear the SABS markings. A full range of products can be manufactured and to Eskom specifications DSP 34 – 1647. 1  This means that poles longer than 7.0 meters (and cross-arms) need to be kiln dried and pressure treated, compared to the past systems whereby poles could be air-dried and dip treated.  We manufacture poles of various diameters to a maximum length of 25.0 meters. Creosote is purchased from ArcelorMittal and FFS Refiners in tanker form.  

The Tanalised plant (also known as CCA) manufactures poles to SANS 457. The maximum length of pole is 14.0 meters.  All CCA products are treated with the additive Weatherwood, also known as the wax additive.  Khulani Timber industries is a full member of SAUPA (South African Utility Pole Association)
Alternative office contact numbers : 015 309 9202/3/4 and 082 896 1520.