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Zen Spa & Rasul at Fairview | iinfo Tzaneen

Zen Spa & Rasul is situated in Tzaneen, Limpopo. Our vision is to synchronize the body, mind and soul.
We Specialise in the following :
Couples Massages: A Romantic rendezvous away from work and family distractions is the key to creating magical memories.
Hot Stone Therapy: The Heated basalt stones has a high iron content and it helps to relax the muscle fibres and get rid of muscle tension.
Reflexology: Stimulation of pressure points to help to balance the body.
Manual Lymphatic Drainage: Detoxify the body and open the lymph nodes to improve blood circulation.
Indian Head Massage: Helps to de stress the mind and ease tension commonly found in the scalp, neck and shoulders
• Bamboo massage: We use different size bamboo shoots to work on the belly of the muscle, it works 5 times deeper than regular deep tissue massage. Increasing the circulation and relieving the pain.
Regim A "Peel and Heal" Treatments. Safe to use on all skin types all year round.
Gelish: A gel applied like a nail polish and it lasts 21 days. You cure it under a LED lamp and it helps to strengthen and protect your nails.
• Gelish Dip: Nails get dipped into a micro-fine pigment powder and set, resulting in long lasting nails, for 2-3 weeks. No fuss and super-fast with easy removal.
LCN Resin, Pedique and Recolution: LCN is a very strong and problem solving product with excellent results.
At Zen Spa & Rasul we strive to go the extra mile and to be professional. We take pride in our work.
New At Zen Spa & Rasul at Fairview : Calabash and Bamboo massage!!
Working Hours : 8am - 17pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 14pm Saturday