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TZANEEN TRAINING CENTRE is a registered Training Provider with SASSETA and SAPS, with an indoor shooting range accredited by the NRCS. The following services are offered by Tzaneen Training Centre:

Firearm Training under the New Firearm Control Act, Act 60/2000 (Business and Private individuals).
Security Training under SASSETA – Skills Program 1, 2 and 3.
National Key Point Officers training programmes.
Supply and delivery of Accredited Quality Management System for training Providers.
Supply and delivery of Accredited Programme Materials regarding Firearm Training.
Supply and delivery of Accredited Programme Materials regarding Security Skills Programmes.
Memorandum of understanding designed for Accredited Assessors.
Memorandum of understanding designed for Accredited Moderators.
Support and Guidance to Training Facilities with regards to Learnerships and SASSETA Grants.  
SAPS Accredited Indoor Shooting Range.
Moderation of Assessments.
Electronic Fingerprint clearance online with SAPS Criminal Database Feedback.

LEGALLY ARMED - Appeals, Accreditations, Estate Firearms, New Applications, Competency Certificates.

Ensure that you comply with the new Fire Arm Control Act, 60/2000 - let us make the process easier for you.

LESEDI SECURITY TRAINING provides specialised training for the security industry. The following courses for security training are available:

Grades Training -  from E to A, Instructor, Retail, Cash in Transit, Armed Reaction

Security training is open to any member of the public, interested in pursuing a career in the security industry. To ensure that your businesses' security staff are adequately trained, speak to our team of professional instructors about the options available today.