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So here we are – 2020!

It is always shocking to experience how time flies – which inspires one to make the most of the moment, everything you have to work with, empower yourself, educate yourself, be an asset to whatever group or community you are involved in.

No business or establishment can exist without the ability to access valuable information or to have an effective tool to use to promote their product and that is why iinfo is the best choice to use for all your marketing needs!

Kefir – the ‘free’ probiotic boost!

Kefir – the ‘free’ probiotic boost!
By Heidi du Preez
Modern society has become reliant on pill-popping to stay healthy, whether it be conventional drugs or natural medicines. Why would you fork out an ‘arm and a leg’ for probiotics if you could instead enjoy a healthy inexpensive home-made drink providing the same benefits? Wholefoods provide us with all the necessary nutrients to maintain good health and by fermenting these foods, the health benefits are further increased.

The Magoebaskloof Mountain Pass - Gateway to the Lowveld

Connecting the towns of Haenertsburg and Tzaneen is the Magoebaskloof Mountain Pass, not only one of the great classic passes of the Limpopo Province, but also one of the finest scenic passes in South Africa.  The pass climbs 446 vertical metres to summit at 1400m. The pass is tarred, and offers plenty of thrills for motor bikers as well as drivers.

Welcome to Tzaneen - A tropical paradise in Limpopo Province

One of the local legends holds that it was King Makgoba himself who described the area where the town of Tzaneen is now situated as “Tzaneng – the happy land”.
Other explanations were that the name originated from the word “Tzana“ meaning ‘basket’, thus describing the way that the town of Tzaneen is surrounded by hills, filled by fruit and vegetables which are produced in abundance in the fertile valley,

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